Whether the source information you provide to SLS is written, audio, video, or any other medium, SLS guarantees that we will return to you the highest quality translation of that data in a timely manner.
The kinds of data we have worked on in the past, and are currently working with via various clients, include the following:
Technical Translation
Scientific Translation
Financial Translation
Legal Translation
Judicial Translation
Juridical Translation
Literary Translation
Certified Translation
As you may be aware, each of these eight areas listed above, requires its own level of expertise and language knowledge. SLS guarantees that we will assign the highest qualified staff member or team to handle your translation project. Our translators are professionally trained and skilled in what they do.
Oral translation is a translation performed orally, irrespective of the format of the source text.
Written translation is performed in writing. A literal translation will be a “word-for-word” translation of the source text. Some written translations can be performed with computer-assisted translation (“CAT”), also known as computer-aided translation.
We will assure you, as our client, that serving your needs is our highest priority.
SLS also wants you to know that getting your work completed in the time frame allotted is something we strive to do consistently