SLS is pleased to advise our clients that we employ Cultural Advisors, (“CA’s”). Another name for this position is “Bilingual Consultants (“BC’s”). These are trained individuals who are skilled in getting the primary job of opening and building a pathway of clear communication between the client and their cultural representatives underway. They guide organizations as they embrace other cultures, their beliefs and different points of view. They work with individuals from diverse cultural identities. Their role is to facilitate the peaceful co-existence of people in a culturally diverse community. They do this by evaluating the cultural needs of such individuals and provide the necessary support. Our Cultural Advisors are qualified to serve as liaisons between companies and suppliers in many fields: government agencies, such as embassies, corporations, financial, and educational facilities. We have trained our CA’s & BC’s to perform research in new markets and provide much needed support with business negotiations, translation services, educate on many levels including students, professionals, government and military leaders, etc. They advise clients on building up a positive work culture within their organization having strong interpersonal, (social) communication, technical, and organizational skills.
SLS stresses the importance for our Cultural Advisors to be able to understand people, and their cultural concerns and differences. We require them to live and work successfully in their own multicultural communities, so they act as positive role models for others. Another key quality we seek in the CA’s we employ, is the ability to work well under pressure and always be willing to help successfully resolve conflicts and disputes.