We are so serious about having you select Sally Language Services (SLS) for all your interpreter and translation needs. We recognize that our ability to retain you as a satisfied customer, is important, therefore we promote the following company guarantees:
Guarantee No. 1. If one of our Interpreters or Translators does not perform the work to your satisfaction, SLS will do it for free!
We can offer you this “Outstanding Service Guarantee” because of our unique preparation process. We always have two different translators to do the work. The first person will translate the materials and a second translator will review it.
Guarantee No. 2. By contracting with SLS, our company will provide an opportunity for retired U.S. Veterans to be gainfully employed. We have a group of military Intelligence Interpreters, who are ex-soldiers, who review all of the Interpreters and Translators work.
We commit to donate 20% of the company’s profits to those who served our country. We recognize that many suffered while defending the nation, and SLS desires to pay it forward by donating a generous percentage of our fees to our Veterans.
Guarantee No. 3. We will give you a better quote than other local companies performing the same kind of services. We can do this because we have specialized Interpreters and Translators from every field including law, medical, educational, business, banking, etc.
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SLS LLC contact information:
OFFICE 817-492-7117
Cell 214-566-8663