Sally Language Services, (“SLS”) has a mission to provide every single client with the highest quality and varied language interpretation and translation services currently available on the market. Our linguists are professionals. Many have been certified to do the work our clients solicit us to handle on their behalf.
Our company motto is, “When we serve you we secure you!” meaning this: we desire to become a long-term provider of the language interpretation and translation services your organization needs, today and well into the future. We will do our best to gain your patronage, build trust, and establish loyalty through our commitment to excellence, customer service, qualified staff, and business professionalism.
Sally Language Services was established by a group of U.S Military Veterans who have worked in Military Intelligence as combat linguists. Our highly trained and skilled team has 11 years of field experience in language interpretation and translation. We provide language and translation needs in all fields of endeavor to include: medicine, law, military, education, science, communications, business, etc. But please don’t limit us to only those areas. SLS knows what qualities contribute to servicing our clients with great Interpreters and Translators. We are equipped to handle all major and minor global language requests.
As the world becomes more interconnected, we recognize the growing need to assist in acclimating individuals, companies, and governments to nations within the United States and abroad. We also fully understand the various types of challenges language and culture barriers produce. We want to assist you with this growing need. Thus, we are fast becoming a leading provider of “Culture Advisors.” Cultural Advisors are men and women who are specially trained to serve the nation or country of your choice by working alongside your team of experts with knowledge of local culture and customs.
Many of our trained and certified personnel have “Secret” and “Top Secret” security clearance. You can be assured of receiving the kind of high level assistance you need especially when your assignments require you to be discreet.